11 Plus

What is taught in the 11+ sessions?

Across the country, the 11+ examination has a variety of different test providers, they can then test slightly differently and may put more or less emphasis on certain subjects. There are four areas that your child may be tested on which is; verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and Maths. Therefore in these sessions, we will focus on all four areas so that your child is as prepared as possible, unless you feel there is a specific need to strengthen one key aspect, in which case that will be the main focus of the sessions.

How is it taught?

Using practice papers and past papers are a great resource. I do believe in making the sessions fun and exciting for children too, as the more fun they’re having, the more memorable the learning becomes.

How does this help my child?

By practising with previous papers and practice papers, it gives children an understanding of the structure of each exam and what is expected. In my experience, having that preparation eases children’s nerves on the day. Just like anything, the more you practice, the better you become and the more confident you feel fulfilling that task.


The first consultation/taster session is 100% free! Here I will understand what sessions you think will benefit your child the most, (ie a particular focus or a mixture of subjects) what your child’s interests are, and your child will have the opportunity to take part in some of the different activities available. You can book the next session there and then, or you can take some time to check your diary and get back to me. It’s up to you how many sessions your child has; whether they are weekly, fortnightly, whatever works for you and your child, I’m flexible. For a one to one session, it’s £20 per hour. For a two to one session, it’s £30 per hour.

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