What is taught in the English sessions?

During the English sessions, a variety of key areas are taught. We will look at writing in a variety of different formats for example, creative story writing, instructions, explanation texts, persuasive writing and so on. In order for your child to write well in all of these different areas, we will also cover spellings, handwriting, punctuation, grammar and the rules that are required to write effectively. Finally, reading is a vital aspect to English also. Different texts are read in the sessions, based on your child’s individual interests, and your child will be supported in firstly understanding the text, then taught skills in order to answer comprehension questions successfully.

How is it taught?

I use a variety of books that I also use at school, which are exclusive to teachers. They follow the new national curriculum objectives and come highly recommended. I also like to include story mapping, this enables children to first learn a story using images and eventually change it to their own story. Role play features in English sessions too, especially with reading, I find it’s memorable for the children and it keeps them engaged.

How does this help my child?

The tutoring sessions I offer stem from the new national curriculum objectives, this means they will be in line with your child’s day to day learning at school and will hopefully give them more confidence, understanding and success in their classrooms as well. The story mapping strategy is heavily used in West Midland’s schools, it gives children a clear structure to start with, which they then go on to modify and in time, completely change to their own piece of independent writing. Again, in my own experience I have seen this particular strategy used and the progress children can make, can be astounding.


The first consultation/taster session is 100% free! Here I will understand what sessions you think will benefit your child the most, (ie a particular focus or a mixture of subjects) what your child’s interests are, and your child will have the opportunity to take part in some of the different activities available. You can book the next session there and then, or you can take some time to check your diary and get back to me. It’s up to you how many sessions your child has; whether they are weekly, fortnightly, whatever works for you and your child, I’m flexible. For a one to one session, it’s £20 per hour. For a two to one session, it’s £30 per hour.

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