What is taught in the Maths sessions?

A variety of key areas such as; number and place value, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, percentages, decimals, ratio, measurement, properties of shapes, position and direction, statistics and simple algebra is taught. These are the different areas in the new national curriculum that your child will learn over the course of their primary school life.

How is it taught?

I use a variety of resources and techniques that I have used previously within schools, that prove to be very popular and effective. I have always found that incorporating Maths games into sessions is very popular with children, this can range from P.E Maths; where children can keep active whilst answering Maths questions ie run to an odd/even number, skip to a multiple, jump to a prime number. Games also include visual matching cards; depending on your child’s age and ability, but they enjoy matching shapes with shape names, percentages and the decimal equivalent, multiplication and the matching division fact and so on.

How does this help my child?

The tutoring sessions I offer stem from the new national curriculum objectives, this means they will be in line with your child’s day to day learning at school and will hopefully give them more confidence, understanding and success in their classrooms as well. I feel that Maths can be a very hands on and visual subject and children can have lots of fun with it. The more fun they have, the more memorable the learning becomes and this strengthens any gaps they may have in their Maths knowledge. Therefore, in the future, if they have the set of key skills needed in Maths, they can begin to build on that solid foundation of understanding.


The first consultation/taster session is 100% free! Here I will understand what sessions you think will benefit your child the most, (ie a particular focus or a mixture of subjects) what your child’s interests are, and your child will have the opportunity to take part in some of the different activities available. You can book the next session there and then, or you can take some time to check your diary and get back to me. It’s up to you how many sessions your child has; whether they are weekly, fortnightly, whatever works for you and your child, I’m flexible. For a one to one session, it’s £20 per hour. For a two to one session, it’s £30 per hour.

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