Sats Pack

What is taught in the SATS sessions?

The hour session is focused both on key skills in English and Maths, as this is what children are tested on at the end of year 2 and 6. Half of the hour session is focused on the key areas of spelling, grammar, punctuation and reading. The other half an hour is spent on the key areas of Maths, reasoning and arithmetic.

How is it taught?

I go through past papers with the children so that they are used to the layout and format of the tests. I also explain the different types of questions found in the paper, give children advice on how long they should spend on each question, depending on the amount of marks awarded and explain what resources they will be allowed or not allowed to have in the exams.

How does this help my child?

Going through past papers, I find enables children to practice questions of a similar style to the SATS exams they will face and helps put them at ease. It can also boost their confidence as they may start our sessions completely unsure in how to answer questions, or show their working out effectively.


The first consultation/taster session is 100% free! Here I will understand what sessions you think will benefit your child the most, (ie a particular focus or a mixture of subjects) what your child’s interests are, and your child will have the opportunity to take part in some of the different activities available. You can book the next session there and then, or you can take some time to check your diary and get back to me. It’s up to you how many sessions your child has; whether they are weekly, fortnightly, whatever works for you and your child, I’m flexible. For a one to one session, it’s £20 per hour. For a two to one session, it’s £30 per hour.

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